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Hi, my name is Jimmy, a retaining wall contractor serving Danville, CA residents. I can help you with your retaining wall landscaping projects, especially if you want something special, like an original custom-designed wall that will make the neighbors notice and add value to your property. If you need advice, my inspections are free; call me at (925) 378-5814.
Here are some retaining wall contractors' reviews of what our past customers have said about us.

Retaining walls may be essential, but they can be beautiful and add value to your property. Their primary purpose is to prevent soil from slipping away into undesired locations like your neighbor's property or backyard. Also, it must be strong enough to withstand natural forces, including gravity, water, and whatever nature throws at it.

If you are experiencing soil erosion or your wall looks like it's leaning, we can inspect it and advise on whether it needs to be replaced. Maybe even tho it's leaning, it still might have enough structural integrity; it's good to know either way. My on-site inspections are free, and I always recommend taking photos from different angles and sending them to me before I come out and evaluate your project.

⭐ Testimonials from happy customers ⭐

"I had a great experience working with Jimmy and his crew - they are knowledgeable, professional, creative, and precise. I was impressed by his whole approach from the beginning.
It's refreshing to work with people who strive for perfection and execute it flawlessly. I live in Danville, and my backyard is on a steep hill.
Jimmy built some of the most beautiful retaining walls I've seen, and I highly recommend his services."

5/5-stars reviewed by Dan White, Danville, CA customer

Reviewed by: Dan White, Danville, CA resident
Date work performed: 5/17/2022 Stars: 5/5                         

Service Provided: Designed and constructed a tiered steel I-beam wood retaining wall with drainage.

"I was delighted with the work that Retaining Wall Experts did for me. They replaced a retaining wall in my backyard and did so quickly, professionally, and at a fair price. While searching for the right company to do the job, Jimmy was always responsive to my questions and helped me understand my options. They finished the job on time and did a great job, leaving the site free of any construction debris. I would heartily recommend Retaining Wall Experts."

5/5-stars reviewed by Peter Harris, Danville, CA customer

Reviewed by: Peter Harris, Danville, CA resident
Date work performed: 3/25/2022 Stars: 5/5 

Service Provided: Built a simple cost effective wood retaining wall.

On-site at the customer's home in Danville, CA, below are before and after photos of the old retaining wall and re-built retaining wall after construction was completed.

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Why we are Danville's preferred choice for retaining walls?

  • Expert retaining wall contractors with over 30 Years of experience.
  • Jimmy, the owner, supervises all job sites.
  • All construction meets all Danville city codes.
  • Our engineering is custom to each type of property.
  • Our work is guaranteed, and our pricing is always competitive.
  • We've had thousands of satisfied customers since 2000.
  • References available upon request.
Building a Retaining wall on a steep slope in Danville, CA

Building a Retaining wall on a steep slope in Danville, CA

Best types of retaining walls to build in Danville, CA

We have successfully built hundreds of retaining walls on Danville's steep slopes. Depending on your location, from sheet piles to poured aggregate concrete barriers, it takes a thorough inspection of your property to determine which type of soil retention wall would work best for each situation.

The reason location plays an important part is due to Danville's diverse and steep hillsides. Danville has more steep hills than any city in Contra Costa County. Regardless we can inspect your property for free to determine the most effective way of retaining your soil. Call us to schedule your free inspection at (925) 378-5814

Retaining Wall Experts is your go-to contractor for high-quality, affordable stone retaining walls. Jimmy, our engineer, has 30 years of experience building boulder-style walls in Danville, CA, for all properties, from small slopes to steep grades. We're confident in the quality of our work, and Jimmy will design the best stone/boulder natural retention wall for your landscaping project.

Beautiful Stone/Boulder retaining wall in Danville, CA

We build Retaining Walls that compliment your landscaping.

My focus and passion have been on creating high-quality, long-lasting, esthetically beautiful retaining walls. I like to use boulders because it's a great way to build natural-looking retaining walls that complement your landscaping.

As the lead designer, I decide what size boulders fit together the best, along with the stacked order, so the wall looks natural. This is where my artistry and experience will benefit you. For me, it's why I love creating walls using raw materials. It's incredibly fulfilling.

Building retaining walls in Danville, California

Building retaining walls in Danville, California

We Build Retaining Walls for Any Application

We use wood, steel, concrete, blocks, and stone to construct precision-built retaining walls depending on the type of wall you need. We can also excavate, drill, and pour concrete into building a strong foundation for steep grades considered problematic by most companies in Danville.

Our process often includes using extra sturdy, custom-built caps and tops on top of walls, creating a very appealing look for our projects. We also utilize steel beams with custom-engineered foundation systems for an added touch of stability.

French drains are also one of our specialties, and we can install the proper drainage systems along the retaining walls to keep them from water erosion.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do you need a permit to build a retaining wall?
    If you're considering having a retaining wall built on your property, you may wonder if you need to apply for a permit. The first step is to determine if your address is in the town of Danville or the County of Contra Costa. In Danville, you need a permit for the wall unless it is under four feet tall. Here are some examples of conditions where a permit is not required.
  • Should I hire an engineer even if I don't need a permit?
    There are several factors to consider when determining if you should hire a licensed engineer to construct your retaining wall without requiring a permit. The first is the height of the wall and if it needs to be terraced. As certified engineers, we can design a plan for you and advise you on the best type of wall to build after inspecting your property.

Below is a transcript of a customer inquiring whether he needs a retaining wall and if we are willing to come to his property for a free evaluation and supply him with a proposal.

(Jimmy) Retaining Wall Experts, this is Jimmy.

(Customer) Yeah. Hi. I need a retaining wall. So I'm here in Danville, and uh, my house is on a hill, and with the drought, I think the years of drought, the soil has shrunk, and so there's a slight shifting going on in the property.

(Jimmy) Okay. Yeah. You're correct that this drought has done a lot of damage to people's retaining walls. It's like if you have too much water, it could hurt them, and if you don't have enough, that could also hurt them.

(Customer) Yeah. Well, there's a hill above, and there was always a lot of water being fed into the land, and then all of a sudden, all the water supplies, you know, pretty much shut off. So can you check it out and give, you know, give me some proposal or something?

(Jimmy) Yeah. So do me a favor, Take down my cell phone number, and if you wouldn't mind, text me a couple of photos. Is there a retaining wall there now?

(Customer) No, no retaining wall.

(Jimmy) Okay. And what's access like for equipment to get where the retaining walls will be constructed?

(Customer) It's a large property. It's almost an acre of land. 

(Jimmy) Uh, are there any obstructions to getting equipment, like small tractors and such, to the work area?

(Customer) I don't know. You'll have to check it out. There's a big pool in the backyard. There's, yeah, you could get smallish equipment in there.

(Jimmy) Okay, perfect. So take down my cell phone number and text me your name and address. And then what I'll do is I'll reach out to you tomorrow morning. Will you be around tomorrow? 

(Customer) Yes

(Jimmy) Okay, wonderful. Yeah, I'll cruise by tomorrow morning and look at the project. Just send me your name and your address.

(Customer) Okay, and are you jimmy?

(Jimmy) Yes, I am

(Customer) Okay great. 

(Jimmy) I'll see you tomorrow. Just send me that information. I'll call you early, but it'll probably be around nine a.m. Something like that, if that will work for you.

(Customer) Yeah, that'll work.

(Jimmy) Okay, wonderful. Have a great day.

(Customer) Alright, thanks.

(Jimmy) Alright bye, bye.

Photo of the owner, Jimmy, of Expert Retaining Walls serving Danville, CA

Why Were The Best Retaining Wall Builders near you in Danville, CA?

We pride ourselves on being a licensed, full-service retaining wall contractor. Our experienced surveyor will always give you an honest assessment of your project based on your property's size, slope, and grade. We stand behind the quality of our work and will work with you to ensure your project is completed to your satisfaction.

With over 30 years of experience in engineering soil conditions and types of embedded rock on Danville's rugged hillsides, we know what it takes to get the job done right.

Contact Jimmy today for a free evaluation at (925) 378-5814.