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We're incredibly proud of the work we do in the San Francisco Bay Area and even more so when we hear back from customers who are happy with the retaining walls that we designed and built for them. It's the testimonials and reviews from customers like you that help us continue to grow and improve our business. Thank you for your kind words and for letting us know that we're doing a great job!

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"Excellent workmanship. My wall looks beautiful. I'm so glad I found Jimmy to do my retaining wall project. He is a warm-hearted soul. His service is accommodating and professional.
Jimmy helped us decide what style of retaining wall would work best as we live on such a steep hill in Walnut Creek. I had some idea of what I wanted. Still, after he showed me some previous jobs on a similar grade and offered to draw me up some sample designs that would work, I gave him the go-ahead.
He showed up every morning right on time and completed the job in four days. He kept things clean and on time. This has got to be the best value ever!
All my family and neighbors love the design."

5/5-stars reviewed by Mark Fawcett, Walnut Creek, CA customer

Reviewed by: Mark Fawcett, Walnut Creek, CA
Date work performed: 8/11/2020 Stars: 5/5                       

Service Provided: Designed and constructed a block retaining wall with drainage in Walnut Creek, CA

"Jimmy and his crew began work on the retaining wall design. He presented us with our entire yard: both sides, front, and back. They constructed a wall at the top of the hill, bolstering the lawn and the fence. At the bottom of the slope, they drove a series of steel i-beams, used wood to finish the wall, and then filled the space behind the wall with gravel and topsoil.
Jimmy is highly knowledgeable about retaining walls and has a fantastic sense of design when it comes to landscaping. They were at our house for three weeks, and we were glad we hired them. Retaining Wall Experts go above and beyond what they offer, and in our case, they did."

5/5-stars reviewed by Jack Hughes, Concord, CA customer

Reviewed by: Jack Hughes, Concord, CA
Date work performed: 6/04/2021 Stars: 5/5

Service Provided: Designed and constructed a tiered wood retaining wall on a steep grade in Concord, CA.

"We got quotes from other places before going with Retaining Wall Experts. We went with them because of Jimmy's detailed quote and because we felt he understood the project's complexity.
Jimmy was on-site every morning and communicated to us what work he had planned and when it would get done. We love the new wall! I highly recommend them!"

5/5-stars reviewed by Dale White, Walnut Creek, CA customer

Reviewed by: Dale White, Walnut Creek, CA
Date work performed: 7/15/2020 Stars: 5/5                       

Service Provided: Retaining wall contstuction in Walnut Creek, CA

"We were looking at purchasing a new home in Walnut Creek with a steep hill in the backyard. The current owners told us about the soil sliding issues, so we had Jimmy come out and give his expert advice on how bad is this hill sliding and whether Jimmy can prevent it. Jimmy was amazing. He drew out what retaining walls would work best and guaranteed they would keep the hill from sliding into our backyard. Yes, we bought the house and had all the necessary work done by Jimmy and his crew. The walls look very natural and blend so well with the backyard. I am happy I found Jimmy; he is a game-changer."

5/5-stars reviewed by Kenneth Koskiniemi, Walnut Creek, CA customer

Reviewed by: Kenneth Koskiniemi, Walnut Creek, CA
Date work performed: 5/24/2022 Stars: 5/5

Service Provided: Designed and constructed multi-tiered wood retaining walls on a steep hillside in Walnut Creek, CA.

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